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Frequently asked questions about our house plans

Q: What options are available for our house plans?
A: We offer plans in sets of 5 or sets of 8. You may purchase plans over the web via paypal or contact us for other payment options.

Q: How do I estimate the cost to build one or more house plans I have chosen from your website?
A: First, contact local builders to find out a rough estimate of construction costs per square foot. To this amount, you need to add the cost of your lot, builder profit, septic systems, wells, permit fees, etc. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the house design is within your budget. However, there is no substitute for actually sitting down with your builder with a full set of house plans and establishing budgets for all aspects of the home. This includes lighting, carpet, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc.

Q: Can any of your house plans be modified?
A: Most of our plans can easily be modified. In this case, please call us to discuss the items you wish to change.

Q: What if I only need one set of house plans? Can't I take them to Kinko's to make more copies?
A: Nope. Making copies of plans is illegal. We sell our plans at a reduced rate with mulitple copies.

Q: Can I return the house plans if I change my mind?
A: You may NOT return plans for a refund because it is too easy to make illegal copies of the plans.

Q: What payment options do your offer other than paypal?
A: We gladly accept money orders and cashier's checks.

Q: Can I use my own software to design a house and save money?
A: Possibly, but you do not have the benefit of experience on your side. Some designs simply are not feasible and some are far too costly to implement often leaving you in deeper debt than if you had purchased a complete set of plans to begin with.

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